KAVU Big Eddy Shorts

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KAVU stands for Klear Above Visibility Unlimited and is as much a philosophy and way of life as it is a really amazing American outdoor brand. Designed for a life that revolves around doing what you love in nature’s playgrounds they create their gear with the intention of it becoming your ‘go to’ items when nature beckons. Oi Polloi know the score when it comes to outdoor gear that still looks ace when you’re back in the burbs, which is why they’ve got in some KAVU ‘Big Eddy’ shorts. Available in a smashing deep water blue colour they’re a lightweight yet sturdy affair and have a built in webbing belt alongside four handy pockets one of which has that amazing KAVU logo on it too, so people will know just how cool you are whenever you’re walking away from them.

Buy a pair of KAVU Big Eddy Shorts at Oi Polloi here.


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