KAVU Teannaway Keeps the Spirit Alive

KAVU Teannaway fleece builds on the myth of the Sasquatch. 

KAVU teannaway

Todd Standing is one of the world’s most famous sasquatch researchers. He is renowned for being one of the only videographers who’ve supplied credible pictures of a sasquatch’s face. Mind you, credible is a stretch: the faces in question look a bit like the characters from Planet of the Apes. 

The origin of sasquatch dates back to Indigneous cultures all over the states. Many of the First Nations consider the creatures sacred. 

Evidence is, of course, glossy. Eyewitness accounts, grainy videos, audio of grunts and missing person records all fall short of actual proof. 

If you look closely at the picture above and take a sweep through the slides below, you’ll see something. Zoom in a bit. Ah, there he is, roaming the psychedelic hills. 

Quick! Someone called Todd Standing! KAVU’s found him! 

KAVU Teannaway fleece and the winter throwshirt both celebrate the legend, the man and the myth. 

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