Keith Haring The Political Line

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KHThough the urban tribalism of Keith Haring’s fair hand provided an a dynamic visual representation of New York nightlife in the 1980s his work also brought some serious political awareness far beyond Manhattan’s movers and shakers.

HIV, nuclear weapons, racism, corporate greed, environmental destruction and many other social ills got a serious step up the public awareness ladder thanks to some input from caring Mr Haring. To coincide with the exhibition at the de Young museum in San Francisco (08.11.14 – 08.02.15) Prestel have released this immense book featuring over 130 of KH’s most politically inspired illustrations. There’s a genuine wealth of stuff here from huge billboard tarpaulins and sculptures to his legendary subway drawings as well as a lovely photo of him painting Grace Jones’ arse prior to her appearance at the Paradise Garage. So come November slap on some underground disco/early house and sit yourself down to indulge yourself in a fine array of polka-dotted political messages.

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