Kestin Hare at Working Class Heroes

If you were wondering where our weekly missal from the Ulverston massive was last Friday then we can only apologise as your man Joey was far too busy selling t-shirts to customers at Working Class Heroes. The good news is he’s back earlier this week with the down-low on Kestin Hare and may well be treating us to a double drop with some more garment talk happening later in the week. Check it…

It’s about ripe time again for us to gush about a new name to our brand list, and this one is a bit of a veteran. His name is Kestin Hare, you may have heard of him. He’s had a pretty long and rich career in the fashion industry, from his degree in Fashion Design and Marketing, to his first job at Reiss, to becoming the head designer at Nigel Cabourn. He’s done freelance work for Burberry and Margaret Howell, and a while back, the clothing line he created for Common Projects developed into his own brand, smartly labelled Kestin Hare.

We were actually setting up an interview with Kes to get some deets, some about his garments, others about his favourite beer, but the mans been working hard and needed a get-away before it’s back to the drawing board for whatever season is in development now – I find it hard to keep track – and so he’s on his hols. I did give him a bell, but some automated Spanish lady started yelling at me – never let it be said we know what we are doing.

Until the interview comes about, we have some specs about his clothing range for you. Kestin produces kit which never goes out of style. With inspiration from more vintage silhouettes such as a lapel collar or a henley neckline, he produces fine garments which never go out of date, both in style and quality. Him and his team work with some of the UK and Portugal’s best manufacturers, weaving his visions from premium materials to ensure that they stand the test of time and provide the wearer with the upmost comfort.

From our select range of KH gear you can find some long and short sleeved shirts for summer parties, tees for casual days and the Haymarket Sweatshirt – my personal favourite. Get involved here.



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