Kickers ‘Kick Hi’ 40th Anniversary


Kickers SS16_Simon_Product2


This next shoe needs no introduction…. but then again if you’ve been living on the moon or somewhere for the past forty years then I suppose there’s a very small chance that you’ve not heard of the mighty Kick Hi.

First made in France back in 1975 the Kickers Kick Hi boot has seen on all the right feet ever since. Their certain ‘je ne sais quois’ and that sole unit has made them the shoe of choice for everyone over the past four decades from raucous Rock Stars to ‘right on one’ ravers (I bet Jeremy Corbyn’s got a pair too you know). Their universal appeal being perhaps due to their undeniably French look and the fact that they’ll last a lifetime whilst also becoming super comfy once worn in. I remember my first pair were bought back in 1983 and were a dark blue colour that were worn proudly alongside semi-flared Wrangler cords, usually a Pierre Cardin jumper and my beloved Kappa ski coat. These days however I’m more inclined to follow Jarvis Cocker’s approach and wear them with a nice pair of slacks and a crew neck jumper and shirt combo for that cool lecturer vibe. Anyway enough about me, Kickers are celebrating this milestone of marvellousness with a variety of celebrations and a rather dashing denim version of the Kick Hi to boot. To boot, geddit? Whilst you get over that very bad joke here’s some ace adverts from the Kickers archive…

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