Laces Out! is Coming – Interview with Rob May

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Rob May is the main man behind established trainer event Laces Out!

Now in their fifth year and with their next event approaching fast on the horizon, we threw him some questions about Laces Out!

For the uninitiated, what is Laces Out!

Laces Out! is an event we put on twice a year in Liverpool for people who are into trainers and casual clothing. We bring in collectors and brands from all over the UK to trade at the event. First and foremost it’s a market place for people to pick up rare and vintage bits, but we also have panel discussions with industry figures, top DJ’s, competitions, brand activations, food / drink etc.etc. Our next event takes place on Saturday 22nd June.

How long has it been going now and what made you set it up?

This is our fifth year doing the event and aside from the fact it nearly kills us every time we put it on, we still like the idea of bringing like minded people together and giving them an experience that they wont get on the high street. We also really like the fact that we represent a part of the community in the North West.

Initially, the event was set up as a little passion project for myself. As a graphic designer with minimal opportunities in Liverpool at the time I wanted to work on something that interested me, something that I could take full control of, and something that would hopefully be seen by people in an industry I was keen to be a part of. And now it’s just got a bit out of hand.

The fact it’s in Liverpool isn’t a coincidence. What is it about trainer culture that sits so well on Merseyside?

It’s well documented that football fans on Merseyside were some of the earliest adopters of using sportswear for fashion. People say it’s a toss up between Liverpool & Manchester for where it started first. This was all before my time so I have no right to speak on it, but lets just say the North West in general has it’s mark in history when it comes to casual fashion. So yeah, I guess it’s no coincidence that it’s still so prevalent in Merseyside today.

Trainers or Sneakers? 


Tell us about the panel discussions which form part of the event. 

The panel discussions are what set us a part from other events I’d say. We spend a lot of money bringing key industry figures, artists and DJ’s to Liverpool to chat about trainers (which is not always an easy task). I think if you’re into trainers like we are then it’s good to hear stories and get some knowledge from people like Bobbito Garcia, Edson Sabajo, Gary Aspden, people who have been part of the game and have been doing good things for a long time.

Who have you got involved this year?

This year we have Brendan Dunne (Full Size Run), Leila Fataar (Platform 13), Alex Vas (Sole Supplier) in discussion, hosted by Burgundy Blood.

We also have DJ SP (Patta Soundsystem) coming over from Amsterdam to perform his A/V (Visual Mixtape) ‘Watch The Sound’.

Seven Store will be taking over the basement (The Sub Station) on the day for a special ‘Future 4D Experience’ with adidas, which is going to be incredible by all accounts.

How can people find out more about the event?

All info can either be found on our socials @lacesoutfest or on our website

I had pizza for tea.

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