Lacoste Camo Croc Tees at Scotts

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When you’ve got an iconic logo, it must be pretty hard to move away from it. Why would you? If you’re Lacoste with your crocodile (alligator?) you’ve no reason to have your head turned by any other reptilian motif, you’ve got the best one. What you can do though, is play about with it.

Playing with crocodiles may not sound appealing, but we’re not talking literally here, m8. Nah, we’re talking graphic design. We’re talking about mixing up the familiar icon by camo-ing it up a bit.

Scotts have a couple of colours of this very thing. And I’ve managed to avoid a joke about reptiles being ‘not to scale’. Well done me.

Get your camo croc on here.

I had pizza for tea.

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