Lacoste L!VE Diamond Logo Fleece Sweatshirt

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Feel like all we’ve written about this month is Lacoste sweatshirts. It’s not all we’ve written about, obviously, but it feels like it. It’s their fault, you understand. Their idea. If they didn’t do so many nice sweatshirts we’d not be in this situation.

The two talking points with this gorgeous bleeder are the logo and the little stash pocket. Let’s start with the latter. What a novel idea. What a clever way to introduce a pocket into a garment that doesn’t seem like it needs one. Side seam pockets aren’t revolutionary, but one on the hem? Genius, that. You could keep all sorts in there, from your chewing gum to foreign coins you can’t part with, or perhaps your spare SD card. Or drugs. Yeah, you like drugs don’t you? It’s ok, we know.

That logo too though? It’s like something off a sauce bottle from early 20th century Switzerland, or something. Lovely stuff.

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I had pizza for tea.

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