Lacoste Match Break for SS21

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Wearing crocs on your feet may be an acquired taste, and one we can debate when the weather perks up. If you like your feet looking like a bumper car, then you crack on. For a more refined reptilian reference, Rene Lacoste’s eponymous brand is a comfier fit.

Having made their mark via their polo shirts (which tbf should be called tennis shirts), the Lacoste’s iconic logo has adorned numerous other garments, spreading across cultural and social boundaries.

Aligned with their on-court heritage, the Match Break boasts a lightweight yet luxury look and feel. It comes in 7 variants and is the perfect treat for your feet as you finally make your way to a green zone holiday destination this summer.

To make things even more interesting they’ve sacked off the tennis vibe and gone with golf, because frankly, why not.

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I had pizza for tea.

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