Lacoste Taffeta Multicolour Jacket

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If anyone wants to buy me this right now I can repay you in dodgy gambling tips and Happy Gilmore references. Alright, maybe that’s not a worthwhile investment. You might even say… ‘the price is wrong, bitch’! Plenty more where that came from, trust me.

Gone are the days when Lacoste was reserved almost exclusively for someone wearing a full tracksuit who might kick your wing mirrors off for no reason. I’ve heard the technique to a clean wing mirror kick is ‘all in the hips’. See what I did there? Choosing a winter jacket is tough though. Lately I’ve really wanted an orange one. But black is a staple winter colour. Navy goes with everything and olive is a tried and tested classic. Well here we have it, why not go for all four of them in one. On paper this combo shouldn’t really work but it does. All of my other jackets suddenly feel very inferior. Featuring feather and down quilting, a detachable hood and made of water-resistant taffeta, this jacket will have you covered if you fall for the old ‘9th hole at 9’ sprinklers prank. I’ll stop now. Jackass!

The jacket is available now, here.

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