Lacoste x Peanuts Celebrates Childhood Heroes

Back in the 50’s, Charles M. Schulz invigorated the minds of children all over with his Peanuts comic strip, which featured characters such as Charlie Brown and Snoopy. 

The strip, running from 1950 all the way to 2000, has been regarded as the longest story ever told by one human being, maxing out at 17,897 individual comic strips.  

Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, the strip was hailed for its compassionate ways of dealing with children’s emotions and idiosyncrasies, normalising reflective and less-than-outgoing behaviours. 

Lacoste has recently teamed up with the team behind Peanuts for the third time, bringing a selection of ready-to-wear clothing tinged with Peanuts’ whimsical appeal and Lacoste’s legendary commitment to clothing. 

Shop key pieces at Pockets. 

Lacoste x Peanuts at Pockets.

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