LAKH and WISDOM® Launch Pre-Spring 2022 Collaborative Capsule

Two streetwear leaders from Hong Kong and Taiwain link for an anniversary capsule…

LAKH have linked up with Taiwan’s WISDOM® to celebrate the former’s 5th anniversary. The capsule revolves around the idea of ‘fusion’, while drawing on design cues from an urban outdoors style that maintains silhouettes close to both brand’s hearts. 

Typically technical, the range consists of three utility-focused items that broadly unify into one outfit: a vest, a hoodie and pants. 

Although, none of these pieces are as simple as they seem. The collaboration’s pièce de résistance, the Multi-Pocket Four-Way Vest, has as many details as the name has words and hyphenations, taking inspiration from LAKH’s own Lightweight Half-Layer Vest as well as WISDOM’s Tactical Vest, making it an amalgamation of styles. A stand out feature is that the vest can transform into a shoulder bag, making the item a multi-faceted dive into functionality. 

Both the Asymmetric Utility Pants and Fusion Hoodie are suitably detailed, with magnetic buckles and snaps, modular systems, and stand out embroidery.

Browse the picture below to see the depth of detail in LAKH and WISDOM®’s collaboration, which is available from LAKH’s online store and selected Hong Kong stores. 


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