9780985159566To those of you not well up on masters of Japanese comics Shigeru Suguira is without a doubt one of the legends of Manga. Starting off in the 1930s doing short comic strips his first big break arrived in 1953 with his interpretation of James Fenimore Cooper’s Western classic The Last of the Mohicans . This made him immensely popular throughout the fiftiess followed by various highs and lows during the sixties and seventies including some sublime pyschedelic collage work and a reworking of the Mohicans book in 1974 though none of it was ever translated into English. Until now that is, as Picturebox have adapted this Japanese classic for your viewing pleasure as an inaugural part of their Ten Cent Manga series. The book itself could not be more Japanese combing their post war love of Americana with wacky bug eyed caricatures and detailed images of the Algonquian Indians and Colonial dress and weaponry. Think Desperate Dan meets Free & Easy magazine and you’re not too far off. What really sold it for me was that the publishers have decided to keep the Japanese layout of the book, meaning you read this tale of derring do from back-to-front and from right to left, which takes a bit of getting used to but makes it feel more ‘genuine; for some reason. I absolutely love this book and being the kind of thing that kids and adults will love in equal measures I reckon it would make an ideal present for those hard to buy for types of any age.

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