LC23 x Diadora Heritage

When I think of Italy, I picture tall, dark, handsome men, sipping expensive red wine like proper, real life grown-ups. Paulo, sat in his quaint, picturesque vineyard, discussing vintage Italian cars and aftershave and stuff with his cool Italian mates. You get the picture.

Anyway, what’s mega beautiful about the Italians is that they’re a bloody versatile bunch, and as much as they have the sophistication side of things on lock, they also play a mean sportswear game too.

Diadora has been at the forefront of this for some time now and remain one of the country’s leaders. Still doing bits now, for AW18 they’ve teamed up with fellow Italian stallions LC23 for a neat collaboration.

The capsule consists of four outfits for a total of 14 pieces: coat, outdoor vest, sweatshirt, wool sweater, pants, plus fresh takes on two of the most representative shoes in the Diadora archives: N9000 Socks and Mi Basket, each in two different colour and material combinations.

On the apparel front, the jersey sweatshirt has a Diadora Heritage logo embroidered, the cargo pants and outdoor vest there, with their multi-fabric inserts and details give it an outdoor feel. Inspired by outerwear textile research, nylon fabric and fleece mix have been used throughout, while the reversible vest offers different colour combos and weather condition solutions.

The capsule merges LC23’s sport-casual energy with sartorial flair with Diadora’s rich heritage and outdoor DNA to express a collection that’s pretty obviously “Handmade (with love) in Italy”.

The collection, which has two release dates, has the first drop on July 27th and the other on August 31st 2018. Both drops will be available from Diadora’s online store.

Absolutely well into house plants.

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