Lee Carpenter Pants at The Hip Store

Now is probably the time when you’ve realised that your new resolution to do more DIY type stuff around the house in 2020 is not really going anywhere. But don’t let this fact bring you down as you drive straight past Homebase in a cloud of dismay and defeat on the way to IKEA. You can still do all the fun stuff that manual labour involves such as dressing in authentic American workwear before putting together your flatpack furniture and getting on with you life. Top of the list for anyone adopting this clean handed workwear aesthetic are a pair of these Lee carpenter pants from Hip Store. Made from high quality denim on a relaxed block they’ve got that signature side pocket and hammer loop that can quite easily be re-purposed for stashing a massive mobile phone in and tying a small but very expensive pedigree dog to.

Buy a pair of Lee Carpenter Pants from the Hip Store here.


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