LEE x Oi Polloi Wide-Waled Corduroy

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‘LEE x Oi Polloi Wide-Waled Corduroy’ rolls off the tongue really rather nicely doesn’t it? Although not as nicely as this beautiful new gear will┬ároll onto your legs, arms and other bits in between. It’s also a collab that makes total sense given OP’s Mancunian location and LEE’s American workwear heritage and is probably the reason why it all looks so damn good. LEE’s Rider jacket and 101Z cords have both been given a jumbo cord makeover courtesy of Steve & Nige in three suitably Autumnal tones of blue, green and brown exclusively available through Oi Polloi. So get yourself corduroy-ed up at Oi Polloi and have yourself a wale of a time!

Shop the LEE x Oi Polloi Corduroy Collection here.


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