Levi’s Skateboarding ‘The Byrrrh & Skate Project’

Having turned their calloused hands to making skate-parks for kids in various much needed spots around the third world the good people at Levi’s Skateboarding have been flexing their ramp-building muscles over in Brussels. Following the closure of the infamous Roller Park in Anderlecht three years ago local skaters have gone down the DIY path and created spots under motorways and in dilapidated factories including one designed by local skater Youssef Abaoud dubbed ‘the Byrrrh’ after the advertising for the popular French drink featured above the entrance. After two years the building’s ownership changed hands and everyone hd to ship out, forcing Youssef to create the Byrrh mk.2 in a disused TV studio that was even better only to be given the boot after he’d kitted it out with a load of ramps and quarter pipes as well as a bar and art studio. Undeterred by these obstacles (no pun intended) Youssef and his mates set out to create a more permanent ‘Byrrh’ that would be accessible to all Belgian skaters,all year round.

Last Saturday Levi’s Skateboarding supported the launch of The Byrrrh & Skate Project by hosting The Byrrrh Jam: an event that officially opened the park up to locals and skateboarders from across Europe. Now recognised as the definitive ‘Byrrrh’, the 945m2 park is made up of donated wood, confiscated skate obstacles, recycled waste and concrete and situated underneath railway arches. The launch was a huge success and featured a number of small events and activities such as an under 18 skate competition, live music by La Jungle, a photography exhibition about Youssef’s work to date and The Byrrrh story and a 18+ cash prize skate competition.


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