Levi’s Vintage Clothing 1976 501 Mirrored Jeans

If you’re spending 300 queens on a pair of jeans, you’re gonna want them to be slightly off their tits.

There are the denim heads, obviously and they’ll invest serious dough in a serious pair of jeans, but the rest of us need another hook and in this pair of 1976 501s, Levi’s and Oi Polloi have pushed our button.

Before you spend your kids’ holiday money though, let us talk you through what they’re all about. Well, there’s not loads to say tbf, they’re just backward. Not in a Kriss Kross way and not in a ‘jeans they wear in East Lancashire’ way either. Oh God, it’s easier if you just look at the pictures.

It’s not a big mad gimmick though, these are serious kecks made out of denim. If you’re of a mind to drop till on that kind of thing, you’d do a great deal worse than plump for these.

Read about the story behind them here at the very least.

Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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