Liquor Store Tote Bags


These are Alan Partridge quoting, absolutely, Totes Amaze-bags.

You know them ‘bags for life’ from Sainsbury’s and Tesco, that people use at Lidl and Aldi, so nobody knows where they really shop? Yeah, they’re redundant to you now, thanks to these quirky little tote bags by Liquor Store.

Besides for trips to the supermarket, you can use your 1 in 250, 100% organic cotton bag for, like, carrying loads of cans and a packet of sausages to a barbecue and have an appropriately bold reminder on the side of your bag to remind you, and everyone else, what’s inside. No longer will you be forced to say, “I’m here. What did I bring? I brought the burgers/selvage!”

Plus you can stop using plastic bags for your shopping – and therefore stop strangling dolphins and badgers and creating a new O-Zone layer, or something – you’ll use them again and again, which is, probably, good for the planet. So,why on this God given, overly polluted, soon to be ruined Earth would you not want to be help save that planet, you selfish sod? And there’s the added bonus of the fact that you can have a big, shouty, Alan Partridge quote adorning your shopping bags, helping you really help you put the ‘mental’ into being an environmentalist.

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