Loves the game but can’t stand what it has become. Probably behaved intolerably in his own right but now cringes at the behaviour of today’s overly excitable #youth. He likes what he knows and he knows what he likes.

The antithesis to to the more ubiquitous Weir, a McMurphy is everything you stand for. You. Yes, you. You; in your understated and minimally branded checked shirt and worn in jeans. You in the quiet pub on the outskirts of town, talking to an old bloke about how you enjoy a nice ale but often prefer the benefits of a nice, crisp, continental lager; you understand there is a time and a place for everything and one o’clock on a Saturday is no longer one for giving wanker signs behind a cordon of camera wielding police officers.

You get mildly annoyed enough to tut to yourself at “hipsters” and those who aim to please others with what they buy, wear and codes on life they falsely portray themselves to be living by on your social media feeds. You laugh hard enough to exhale slightly through your nose at genuine not-try-too-hard alternative comedians but aren’t too much of a snob to laugh at whoever is currently the BBC’s flavour of the month. You appreciate good music for what it is; not because it’s going to be the next big thing.

You follow your own trends. You enjoy things for yourself.

You wear a McMurphy.

McMurphysAvailable next month at The Stockport Supreme.

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