LVC AW15 pays homage to Cone Mills


I really, really love LVC. Mainly because of  the sheer quality of their stuff but also because of their heroic passion for provenance. Take this season for example where they’re celebrating 100 years since Levi’s made their ‘Golden handshake’ with the Cone Export & Commission Company which gave them sole exclusivity to manufacture Levi’s Shrink-to-Fit denim for the production of all their legendary 501 lot. Fast forward to the present day and they’re still being made at the same White Oak Mill in Greensboro on the foothills of the Appalachians in good old North Carolina. Also known as Cone Mills, this place set the standard for quality denim and is still the most highly revered denim mill in the world.

For AW15 Levi’s Vintage Clothing are commemorating this long lasting friendship by introducing a replica pair of 501s from way back in 1915. This particular pair feature two back pockets, exposed back pocket rivets, a cinched back and suspender buttons, single needle arcuate, two horse leather patch, and a crotch rivet all made using a red selvage that took over two years of work to ensure it’s authenticity. They’ve also reproduced a sack coat from the same year also out of this denim which also has branded brass buttons and an oilcloth two horse patch. Oh and as if that wasn’t enough it looks like they’ve gone back in time 100 years to shoot their look-book too. 










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