Lyle and Scott – For The Love of the Game

Prepared for this month’s football onslaught? Well, here’s another opening shot, this time from a brand beloved of a section of chaps who watched from the stands, back when the only illegal streams were something created on the terraces when the gents was packed.

With roots in the Scottish town of Hawick as far back as 1874, Lyle and Scott have been around as long as the beautiful game itself, predating international tournaments like the one we’re about to see, and two years after England and Scotland played their first official fixture.

Their homage to the colours of the competing nations comes in the shape of these summery polo shirts. The two aforementioned host nations are in there along with the Dutch, Belgians, Italians and more. There’s something for almost everyone.

Take a closer look at the Lyle and Scott website here.

Check the full range out here

I had pizza for tea.

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