M-68 Black Project Sweatshirt


When is a sweatshirt not just a sweatshirt?

Nope, it’s not a trick question nor am I about to adopt a faux-sexy voice and go into an M&S style advert telling you how this sweat will improve your middle class credentials.

We make no bones here at Proper about the fact that some brands are better than others. So when two of our favourites get together and get it on, we’re always going to get a little bit excited.

When these brands are 6876 and Good Measure then we’re perfectly within our rights to let out a mighty holler of excitement.

Mix together the modernist design aesthetics of the first alongside the technical nous of the second and you’ll know that some sweats are more equal than others, and this M-68 is the most ‘equal’ of all.

Using methods that NorthWest sweatshirt creators Good Measure perfected on their own M-21 style and inspiration from a classic 6876 sweat with ‘freedom’ raglan sleeves the result is a wardrobe staple to treasure and stroke. (What? You’re telling me you DON’T stroke your clothes?)



Material-wise it’s a loop back cotton fabric that has been custom made using an Italian jaspe yarn, produced by twisting two thread colours together. This material is then knitted on a 3 thread knitting machine – the very rare English Wildt Bromley 3 (for all you knitting machine spotters) – giving the fabric a distinctive, and a bit of a special, finish.

Dual branded, and made in England with a traditional fit and added strength through the use of cover stitched seams that are bar tacked at the ends, it’s available in very limited numbers from both 6876 and Good Measure.

One of those items that when it’s gone, and you’re layering up for a cold afternoon at the football you’re going to look in the mirror and hate yourself. So avoid the self-loathing, and find Sweatshirt contentment now.


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