Maharishi 2023 Riverine 2.0 Tech Baseball Sweat

It’s 2021 and the names of jackets, clothes and everything under the sartorial subheader are getting longer by the day. It’s necessary, though, as there’s a lot going on here. Maharishi’s Riverine Capsule features all of their most high-tech pieces, based on riffs of 1960’s U.S. Navy Riverine units: think jackets with built-in face masks (very 2021); carbon ripstop kimono-coat fusions; water-repellent camo shorts. 

This piece in question, though, is less like the uniform of a Riverine, and more like their back-at-camp casual wear. The relaxed fit of a baseball jersey married to Japanese carbon-patchwork elegance. Functional, fun. Casual, sleek. It’s all the best bits of Apocalypse Now without any of the trauma. Just don’t try to remember the name after a few beers. 

Grab yours from Wellgosh.

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