Maharishi Cropped Blazer

Everyone has a need to dress up smart once in a while but nobody wants to look stuffy. It’s times like this when a brand like Maharishi works well. Their take on a cropped blazer has a relaxed, understated smartness and you can get it here.

Read on for a bit more background.

Hardy Blechman is the founder, creative director and head designer of UK fashion label Maharishi.
Blechman, whose experience lay in international military and industrial clothing, founded Maharishi in 1995 by producing hemp and other natural fibre clothing and recycling workwear and military surplus.

Today, Maharishi remains a privately owned company with Blechman’s founding values in tact. Respect for nature, dedication to the use of natural fibres, unrivalled attention to detail, the use of technology and a personal passion for art are strongly evident in Blechman’s collections to this day.

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