Majestic Vintage Crew Sweat

It’s that time of year when heated heating debates begin. “Turn the radiators down, I’m well hot” cries my better 50% segment. “You were freezing five minutes ago, love” I reply, adding the word “love” to make me seem less confrontational, even though that’s just how I feel.

Eventually I pretend to turn the central heating off, and simply open the nearby bathroom window to lull her into the idea that the heating has indeed been turned off. I win, albeit by being a right snidey bastard.

Another heated debate which has reared its reluctant head recently is the question of holiday. We’re at the point where we’re considering whether we want to go through the rigmerole (great word) of saving money to go on holiday next year, and if so, what will the destination be? Spain again, for the kids. Or America.

Again, I act noticeably passive aggressive (though only I notice). “It’s up to you” I say to my fiancee/nemesis. “It’s up to you” I repeat, shrugging.

“Up to you… New York! New York! AHAAHA” she replies, and we both laugh because she’s made a joke about that song Frank Sinatra did. Then we laugh again for a second and I offer to brew up.

Once I’ve sat down with my brew, I happen across this sweatshirt. Not only is it the same colour as my warm drink but it also features those words… yep, NEW YORK. It must be a sign.

Right, I’ll stop writing like Morrissey does in his book now.

Majestic sportswear has the best logo I’ve seen in ages. Proper timeless, nice colours, applique style. Proper logo. In fact I wish it was the Proper logo. It wouldn’t make sense but still, it’s good. I’m obsessed with the logo.

Anyway, contrary to what you might think, Majestic is Japanese. Or maybe you knew that and I’m the dickhead now? It’s a good name with very good gear, banishing all the connotations the word ‘Majestic’ might conjure up related to council estate off licenses.

Anyway, it’s got ribbed cuffs and hem, it’s dead, dead nice and I’ve a brew to finish before I get told to turn the heating down again.

Available from The Great Divide.

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