Mamnick – Black Label Collection 2014


If you thought Sheffield was just about steel, Hendo’s Sauce and Phil Oakey’s flick you were wrong, them days are long gone.  Same if you thought Sheffield brand Mamnick were just about steel accessories; dead wrong again, them days are gone too.  

Although the ace Sheffield Stainless-Steel accessories are still a big part of the brand’s line up, (my ‘Everday Holder‘ I got on first release is living up to it’s moniker very well) the last couple of years have seen Mamnick diversify into clothing; big time.  And seeing that us lot behind the imposing, wrought-iron gates of ProperMag Towers love clothes (notice avoidance of the word ‘clobber’) it seems a good time to share their new Black Label collection.

All made in Japan, and with limited numbers available on home turf, Mamnick have upped their clothing and gear game even further.

Two jackets – The Derwent (available in camouflage or paisley woven denim) and The Unthank (in beige or navy mid-heavy weight drill cotton) an absolute belter this, with its detachable neck piece and ‘3d’ pockets.  There’s also a soft flannelette shirt in ivory or navy – The Ecton, featuring those trademark Trocas Shell buttons from Sheffield.


Rounding off the good things are a couple of leather accessories (not those kind; sit down at the back, you dirty boy!) Hand made in Japan using exclusively sourced leathers and stamp branded with the Mamnick logo, there’s an ‘Everyday Case‘ for your Lappy, keys an ting.  Then a bit of a smart card holder, of which the teal colour is really doing it for me.


Throw into the mix an ace artist photo shoot (by India Hobson) in the Sheffield based studio of artist Del Hardin Hoyles; and you’ve got a bit of a nicely rounded collection.  *Doffs his flat cap*

Black Label stuff that’s a damn site better than Carling’s; available on Mamnick Site now:

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