Delectable man bags at Pockets

Store your goods with swagger as you get active this summer.

The man bag is a polarising accessory. Previously butt of neandertholic gender based handbag jokes, nowadays worn by people so hard the thought of questioning their masculinity doesn’t even cross the mind. Their practicality in a time where phones are the size of dessert plates cannot be overstated.

They come into their own in summer where those pockets on your short shorts don’t quite cut it. Especially when travelling, they provide a safe place for your passport which helps to negate the sort of stupid placement decisions you make after sinking a whole bunch of £1.30 pints in Prague. As much as we speak about the classic man here at Proper, we are by no means luddites and thats why we’ve picked out a few premium pieces of small item luggage avaliable from our good friends at Pockets. Check out our selections below.

RAEBURN ‘Reversible’ Conceal Tote Bag Desert Camo

Nothing to conceal, nothing to declare

Mulberry ‘Belgrave’ Crossbody Messenger Grained Leather Bag Metal Blue

Pick of the bunch fusing heritage and modern, WAG and roadman

Moncler ‘Climb’ Pouch Black

Whilst this bag is sleek and stylish theres not a self respecting club bouncer on the planet who isn’t giving this a search.

HUGO ‘Eton Red’ Label Bumbag Black

Lovely little lads holiday number.

HERON PRESTON ‘Nylon’ Gym Bag Black

Phys Ed never looked so cool

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