March into June with Mephisto

Those nice habits you picked up during loose lockdown need to continue. No, not forgetting to brush your teeth or watching inane Netflix documentaries about murderers, but exercising in the outdoors. The gyms were shut, amateur football (and other sports) shut down and a general lack of good healthy habits began to prevail. In the end, people got told off for driving to big hills in the Peak District, but who could blame them. A brisk walk up a slowly inclining hill does wonders for the legs as well as the mind.

You won’t wear Mephisto to the gym but they’re honest-to-goodness walking shoes, which means as lovely looking as they are, they’re actually made for getting messy. Whether you’ve got one of those unruly dogs that takes you for a walk, or you just like a purposeful stride in the countryside, these Chestnut Mephisto Rainbow have you covered.

A lot of so-called comfort shoes can be a little light and soft, focusing on being kind to your foot. Mephisto go in a different direction. The Rainbow is more about tough love. They’re much more stern, sturdy, reliable and long-lasting. Their comfort comes from their sturdyness and reliability.

Anyway, Terraces have them here.

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I had pizza for tea.

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