Marcus Reed – adidas City Series: Europe Prints


Not just me that’s getting back excited by adidas. I know ‘cause I see it around me in that ‘virtual universe’ of the internet and social media.

Gary Aspden’s SPEZIAL exhibition and collection is quite rightly not just bringing adi back to its North West heartland, but reigniting the fire that for a few gents of a certain age had, if not fully extinguished, dampened down a little.

There’s palpable excitement as grown men get the sweats at the prospect of spending time looking at old trainers in glass cases, and buying more footwear to fill up the wardrobe. I understand. Fully. My missus; less so.

Yet adidas Originals have for a time done some things well. One of which has been recognising artists who know and love adi product and importantly its cultural place and then choosing to work alongside them. Mates of Proper like Peter O’Toole, A Guy Called Minty and Josh Parkin, are all trainer bods who have shown their love of footwear (and particulary adi) in their work; which in turn has been recognised by adidas Originals.

Marcus Reed is an illustrator who is clearly demonstrating not just a love of traditional adi models, but also a great graphic feel for design and geographical place, which marries up acely in his City Series: Europe prints.

Inspired by the typography and style of early 70’s graphic posters (think Munich Olympics ’72, or West German World Cup ’74) and importantly, traditional adidas branding; Reed delivers prints using the colourways of the City Series shoes and an interpretation of an iconic building or feature from that city. Bit clever that.

So whether you’ve got a favourite Euro city, or a favourite adi City Series shoe, these prints are going to be straight up your strasse.



Check out the full range on the Marcus Reed Illustration website; or follow him on Twitter: @marcus_reed and get excited by the fact that there is an Island Series and City Series: USA to come soon*.


*He’s yet to promise me he’ll get around to doing an adidas Burnley one….but I’m keeping the faith.


Twitter: @HiltonShoeGazer

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