Mark McNairy New Amsterdam Playboy Chukka


Normally I’d agree that classics should just be left as they are, but not in this instance. These modified Sanders chukkas that Mark McNairy has done are spot-on. 

I can’t speak for the rest of the Proper personnel, but I actually prefer these to the Sanders originals. All that Mr. McNairy has really done here is made the toes a bit less pointy and chukked (get it?) a lip around the top of the sole, but these two tasteful tweaks have made all the difference for me.

I tried a pair of originals on a while ago, in the hope that they’d look like they did on Steve McQueen‘s feet. But they didn’t. I looked like I was off to a smart-casual networking event.

McNairy has undoubtedly given these chukkas an injection of Americana, but rest assured: they are still made right here in England, by Sanders, in the same place as always (Northamptonshire to be precise).

So bite the Bullitt now, and get some.





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  2. Lori Blevns

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