Mark McNairy New Amsterdam Playboy Chukka


“DON’T MESS ABOUT WITH THE CLASSICS,” they warn, as the jowls of their serious faces shake just as violently as their forefingers. Normally I’d agree but not in this instance – these modified Sanders chukkas Mark McNairy’s gone and done are bleeding gorgeous

I can’t speak for the rest of the ponces here at Proper Magazine but I actually prefer these to the Sanders originals. Seriously. All McNairy’s really done is made the toes a bit less pointy and chukked (get it?) a lip around the top of the sole, but these two tasteful tweaks have made all the difference for me.

I do of course reckon the original Sanders ones are smart too, but I’d never buy a pair – the pointiness of the toe’s always been a bit of an issue; I tried them on a bit ago in the hope that once they were on my feet they’d look a bit more like they did on Steve McQueen‘s. But nah – so off the footwear bucket list they were crossed there and then.

Ourguy Mark’s sorted that right out though – his are a lot less jagged-looking, which I for one am delighted about. Like their sharper-toed counterparts, these McNairy chukkas are also made by Sanders and in the same place – right here in England (Northamptonshire to be precise), which is good, eh?

Dig out your polo neck, fire up the Mustang (or failing that, the Punto) and chase some baddies round the mean streets of wherever it is you live. Nah don’t – you might get hurt. Just stay indoors, make yourself a nice glass of Vimto and get a pair of these ordered off the cyberweb.






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