Medicom’s BE@RBRICK Captures a Nightmare Before Christmas

Japanese toy giant, Medicom, have been manufacturing their Bearbrick series for some time now, and have managed to carve out a particular target market in both the east and the west. The Bearbrick series is aimed at creating collectible art, and combines world renowned musical influences, artist branding and pieces from culture including cinema, cartoons and anime. 

The Bears, as sought after collectibles, often fetch high prices in resales: KAWS, BAPE and Readymade Bears are known for their rarity, and a Chanel Bear released in 2006 sold at Christie’s auction in November 2019 for 30k USD. 

These high profile pieces opened up the market for other avenues, and validated Medicom’s name, putting the brand into the worldwide gaze. This enabled Medicom to explore more opportunities for collaborations, such as 2021’s Jack Skellington – the main character from Tim Burton’s A Nightmare Before Christmas – which sees the Pumpkin King rebuffed in Bear style. 

The Burton Bear is sold in a double pack, with two figures standing at approximately 2.75 and 11.02 inches tall, making the pack a cheaper alternative to some of Medicom’s huge bears. 

Exploring alternatives, Bearbrick’s essence is also captured with a necklace, made in collaboration with Japanese artist Muto Kai, AKA Masu. The necklace presents itself as another way to access Medicom’s Bearbrick culture without committing to a full on bear.

Both these bits are available at Wellgosh.

Bearbricks at Wellgosh.

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