Memory Jogging – Retro football shorts for your daily workout

The heating’s on full whack and you’re not going anywhere anytime soon. That is unless you’re disciplined enough to indulge in healthy habits like daily exercise. Whatever you choose to do this weekend we think you’d look really good in a pair of these suave soccer shorts. Perfect for your Netflix and chill or running up a hill whilst listening to drill…

Nike Brazil Home Shorts 02/04 -2020

Brazil’s yellow and green strip is arguably one of the most instantly recognisable on the planet. But without those iconic blue shorts to balance the books, you could easily think Neymar was playing for Norwich.

Surprisingly designed by a 19 year old, these wonderful blue shorts were introduced for the 1954 game against Chile, after the young lad won a kit design competition with Brazilian newspaper Correio da Manha.

A mainstay through Brazil’s success these shorts are now just as symbolic as their yellow shirt and will really get you in the mood if you fancy swapping your Joe Wicks workout for this samba dance session. If you’re doing things properly you can grab a vintage pair from the time our mate R9 was floating 110’s in Tokyo. Or save your hard-earned and bag this season’s one’s from Nike here.

adidas Hamburger SV Home Shorts 20/21

There’s not many teams in the land whose shorts are famous than their shirts. As a kid, I was always a bit baffled by Hamburg’s decision to play in red shorts despite their club colours being blue and black. Unbeknownst to me, this was more of a compromise than a choice, a decision that came at the club’s post-war inception back in 1919.

Formed in a bid to pool resources and maximise their impact on the German game, the club we now know as HSV marked the coming together of 3 of the city’s smaller teams SC Germania, Hamburger FC and FC Falke 1906.

Naturally, there was plenty of squabbling over which club’s colours should live on which eventually led to the introduction of these ravishing red shorts. Whilst the oldest and most successful team’s colours were selected for that iconic raute crest (SC Germania). The city’s colours were utilised for the kit to demonstrate HSV was THE big club in Hamburg, using white for the jerseys and red for the shorts. Runaway success in the ’70s and 80’s made ‘die rothosen’ (the red shorts) famous around the world but I mainly like them cause they treat their fans to a bit of Scooter after every goal.

Grab yourself a pair from Adi Dassler here.

Meyba Barcelona Home Shorts 1984-89

Adorned with that unmistakable curly ‘M’, Barcelona’s Meyba kits of the ’80s and early ’90s were easily some of the club’s most iconic. From 84-89, Barca had four different coloured shirts but never deviated from these sumptuous shorts.

Worn by club legends including the likes of Ronald Koeman, Gary Lineker, and  Michael Laudrup, not only will you look dead cool when you nip the shop for milk, these Catalonian crackers also have a before it’s time snap closure pocket that was specially designed to house your Monzo card. Actually thinking about it, that pocket was probably the perfect size for Diego’s little baggies, wasn’t it? 

You can grab yourself a piece of history from Classic Football Shirts, here. Or check out Meyba’s latest offering which they’ve put together with our pal, Neal Heard. Lots to come from Meyba this year, deffo one to keep an eye on.

adidas Originals Arsenal 90/92 Track Pants

Okay, so these aren’t exactly shorts but if you’re brave enough to go for a run in this weather you’re going to need something to warm those pins. The gunners released these belter’s as part of their limited edition ‘90/92 Originals collection, the second iteration of their retro-inspired capsules that celebrate the magic of the early ’90s.

Adorned with that legendary trefoil logo alongside Arsenal’s classic 90’s crest, these lockdown legwarmers deliver a serious hit of nostalgia only heightened by this incredible launch video. 

You can still pick up a pair from Pro:Direct, here.

adidas Red Star FC Warm Up Shorts 19/20

Despite long spells of obscurity as a semi-professional outfit, Red Star are L’Hexagone’s third oldest football club. Founded in 1897 by Jules Rimet himself, the Saint-Ouen (a Parisian suburb, surprisingly twinned with Salford) natives haven’t succumb to much on the pitch of late but are widely regarded as one of the most distinctive and forward-thinking fan bases in European football.

Sometimes framed as the Petit Poucet that evolves in the shadows to the ogre that is Paris Saint-Germain. Red Star are a club which put their community first, workshops that educate their youth players in other disciplines like photography, street art, and cookery are regular fixtures, whilst fans and ultras cultivate a tolerant and passionate atmosphere that support the players no matter the result.

It wasn’t until I finished writing this post that I realised you couldn’t get these shorts anymore, but you definitely can still get one of the shirts which might be even better. Designed by our good mates from Acid FC. This season’s shirt has an amazing story which you can read more about by clicking right, here.

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