Mephisto Cruiser in Mammoth Brown

The colourway on this Mephisto Cruiser is named after the long gone, gigantic mammal, the mammoth. Both the mammoth and Mephisto have one thing in common: they’re old. Well, the mammoth is far older, but at least there’s some comparison. It’s more appropriate to say that the customers of Mephisto are traditionally old: the majority of Mephisto’s range is built, and really looks like it’s built, towards orthopedics and gate correction. Yet two main shoes stand out: the Mephisto Cruiser and the Rainbow. 

There’s been a lot of love for the Cruiser recently, which is interesting, given that the silhouette is one of the brand’s first, and it all started with one – at the time – unique intention: create a shoe that functions in both the outdoors and the city. The Cruiser is fitted with soft leather, breathable lining and a sole lined with Soft Air Technology. It’s been tried and tested and ultimately, maybe everyone should be thinking about how their gate functions. If mammoths had Mephistos they’d probably still be alive.

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Mephistos at Terraces.

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