Oi Polloi Presents: Mephisto Rainbow Part Deux

The Mephisto Rainbow: an icon, a staple, a… free walking go-getter. Now, showing for the very first time in 4K, the talented Rawtape has followed the Mephisto around on its day off, piecing together the puzzle. What does this legendary shoe get up to? 

Oi Polloi’s Part Deux redesign of the Rainbow’s silhouette accentuates the already beautiful features. A gradient of green shades grace the stitches. The sumptuous suede is dressed to match. An Oi Polloi tag hangs off the side. Oi Polloi hasn’t exactly reinvented the wheel, but they didn’t need to. 

The Mephisto Rainbow represents the pinnacle of French comfort-footwear technology. The sole is bolstered with ‘Soft-Air’ technology to reduce shock, and the chunk of the shoe sits somewhere in between trainers and hiking boots. 

Check out the Oi Polloi rendition over at their site now. 

Mephisto at Oi Polloi.

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