Method Furniture – As Solid and Surprising as a Glasgow Kiss

We don’t often cover stuff like furniture like those of leather office chairs here on Proper but we’re all grown up now. We’ve got kids and degenerative health issues. We’re old. And when you get old your spectrum of “liking nice things’ widens somewhat. So although we’d smugly pad about in a pair of gum-soled pumps ten years ago, they don’t quite fit the bill anymore.

The quest for curios extends beyond posh shoes to books, stuff to put on shelves to make you look cultured, rare imported dvds, posh glasses and well, nice furniture. If you like nice stuff, you like nice stuff. Spending £600 on a new jacket while your house looks like Jack Duckworth did the decorating 30 years ago isn’t cool. Actually it might be now, we’d better check.

Anyway, while we’re consulting with our style gurus how about you check out this collection of aceness?

Industrial elegance is the mantra of Method Furniture. It’s made up on the East coast of Scotland by very clever people.

In fact “..finding clean lined, architecturally influenced, modern ways to interpret classic furniture – which is all meticulously  designed and traditionally handcrafted from our workshop on the East coast of Scotland.”

…is what it says here.

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I had pizza for tea.

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