Mitchell and Ness Bobble Hats

You know that scene in Coming to America where Semi and Akeem decide to dress like bona-fide New Yorkers, but emerge from a shop wearing all manner of NYC tourist tat? Don’t tell anyone but I always thought that was what the kids call ‘a strong look’. A bit.

Just like the weather for which they are made, bobble hats will always be cool, even when teamed with all sorts of I LOVE NY daftness in the pic above. Ok, maybe not but you get the idea. I like bobble hats.

They take me back to my brief flirtation with the Miami Dolphins. It wasn’t so much the name, nor the game the Dolphins played, it was just that mad shirt they wore. It all seemed so alluring to this boring old soccer fan. While I’m not really into the commercialised version of sport that prevails over the pond and hate when similar stuff crosses over here, it’s their thing. It’s how they do. The various logos and badges of teams I know nothing about are the kind of thing the teenaged me would have buzzed off and as we’re all getting a bit 90s again, maybe it’s time to revisit this sort of thing, even though we’re older and have far bigger heads?

For that reason, these Mitchell and Naess  bobble hats look like a good, solid piece of winterval headwear to me.  Yeah I just said headwear. I know it just means simply hats, but this is a blog and in the blogosphere, it’s called headwear. Stop arguing and check these out at JD Sports.


Mark Smith

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