[Mix] Balearic Social : Pocket Check

If you’re counting, this will be Andy Pye’s third mix for us, yes third – why you may ask, well he’s on it right now. Not only is still putting out consistently quality mixes on Balearic Social week on week but he’s launching a new label, churning out merchandise to support his site and squeezing the odd gig in here and there. So it’s us that’s grateful he’s given us another hour of quality music.

Going back to what I just mentioned, you can pre-order the new release on Balearic Social Records here (be quick, there’s only 250) and check Andy playing some records for nearly 5 hours down in that there London at the Clapton Hart.

For what’s it’s worth, I managed to listen to this mix in it’s entirety on a nice drive down to the Scottish Borders yesterday, definitely the best way to define how good something is (that exact destination isn’t a necessity) – the sun was shining, I was speeding and the sounds ticked all the right boxes.

Sundays 8am to 12pm.

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