[Mix] Scott Proper : Love been found

I get slightly uncomfortable writing about my own “work” – so in this instance I contacted a good pal to do the narcissistic bit. All the ammunition I gave him was a tracklist and ninety minutes worth of music, to let him dig deeper and poetically wax lyrical, pardon the obvious pun.

Over to you Ade…

It starts it breathes – Gigi the Italian maestro sends music and voices walking hand in hand once again (Remember Bjorks’ ‘It’s in our hands’?). Then into 70’s America we go from Molten Love to Wild Mountain Honey with psych soft rock and spiritual Steve’s song for the environment dripping into the lolloping melodic bassline of the Swedish Witch Doctor’s Hidden Love. Echo’s of N.O.W’s smokers delight from the funky guitar, strings and a kick drum borrowed from Fela.

The Polish birds take flight and bring us 2 tasters of their sampledelica. Warsaw and a Bucks Fizz edit morph around the a’maze’ing B’balls by Begin.

Then like an old friend returning, the master of the sample DJ Shadows’ Lost and Found marches in, leaving to the sound of the Deep Forest drums. Lonely planet no more as we land in the Bahama’s Closed Paradise lounging with their Jungle Goddess. An Aficionado’s Sweet Dream swoons into Santiago Black thanks to a bit Ptaki attention.


A different direction is taken. We Are Coming drops from Friendly Bacteria with a remix ‘Comin’ atcha!’ Into the hazy house of Vancouver with Something (on my mind) and the journeys end on the horizon. It seems like a Permanent Vacation provide Rubies, Riches and Crowns.

Now it dawns – Is it ‘Aint Nobody’? totally deconstructed and utterly beguiling! No, it’s a Time of Nectar. My favourite track of the ride by Melbourne’s’ own Tornado becomes engrained into Mahogany for our re-entry into the present.

I ain’t a DJ, a producer or a musician. I’m a listener a fan a journeyman. I love it when music is thought about. ‘The search for otherness’, remarkable what fits together. Love been found.

Ponyboy Curtis.




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