MKI Miyuki-Zoku Store

Leeds, Yorkshire. The land of flat caps, padlocked wallets and pints of bitter. Not a place normally associated with clothing with such a clean and contemporary look and links to an Ive League influenced Japanese youth culture. Part streetwear drug pusher turned rapper, part guest list only exclusive roof top bar attending music producer (although they’re usually the same thing a lot of the time), MKI are serving up a seriously on point aesthetic. Wait, “aesthetic”? “On point”? What’s going on? Soz. Now, back to our regular programming…

I imagine some of this stuff is what would be worn at some sort of futuristic, minimalist Japanese work camp; say, on an episode of a Far Eastern adaptation of Utopia or if some super powerful-Japanese American-#menswear-demi God took over the world and made us all wear proper flames alphets. Actually, I’m on board for this. Vive le Steezy Revolution!

Named after the mid-60s youth movement in Japan, who were supposedly the first to lean on the Ivy Look in that part of the world, Miyuki-Zoku aims to offer high end looking design at a price the rest of us can afford. Right on.

Anyway, they’ve got; jackets, smocks, tees, long sleeves, short sleeves, sweat shirts, over shirts, shirt shirts, notebooks… you name it, they’ve got it – all in a seriously simple but luxury looking black-white colour palette. Unlock your inner crack dealing Daiki Suzuki and get involved.

The MKI own label sits in the Leeds based store, making up the vast majority of what’s on offer. Here are some picks to be going on with before their premium label – MKI BLACK – lands for autumn winter. So, till then;

grad cch blk (1) grad cch blk (3) grad cch wht (1) grad cch wht (3)
grad smck blk (1) grad smck blk (2) grad smck wht (1) grad smck wht (2)
jap-symb-shrt-blu-(1) jap-symb-shrt-wht-(1)
japarm-gry-(1) japarm-nvy-(1)
single-strp-nvy-(1) single-strp-wht-(1)
cyc-pk-blk-(1) cyc-pk-gry-(1) cyc-pk-nvy-(1) cyc-pk-org-(1) cyc-pk-wht-(1)
Seriously. Those bags. I want the lot just to look at, sitting there neatly complimenting my all white minimalist prison cell.

MKI Miyuki Zoku

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  1. Ton-kichi

    The new Superdry… ye’ll all be ripping the piss out of it a few months from now.

    Me, I’m laughing already.

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