MODERN FORMS A Subjective Atlas of 20th-century Architecture


Though Lebanese heliports, experimental theatres, St Petersburg tower blocks, yellow housing estates, the third church of christ and the dead sea museum may all sound like current acts on the Six music play-list they’re actually just some of the incredible buildings featured in ‘Modern Forms’ from Prestel publishing. A lot of these architectural books vary in their ratio of interesting and different subject matter but this one is definitely ‘all killer and no filler’ for those of you who appreciate a well made balneological water towers. The images all come from Nicolas Grospierre’s visual archive as featured on his immense blog and covers a wealth of modern architectural forms all built between 1920 and 1989. It’s often only when you look at structures like this that you fully appreciate just how beautiful and/or insane that they really are and for added perspective the book includes a handy index explaining the location, date, architect and purpose of each building. Not only will this remarkable book make you look at least 52% more intellectual it will also make you say ‘wow’ a fair bit as well as possibly forcing you to move to somewhere dead obscure to live in a hexagonal concrete bunker filled with wooden beanbags.

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