6876 Modern Studies Early 17

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Man at Proper Mag like 6876 a lot. In fact, man like 6876 that much that man is sat here wearing a 6876 tee while he writes this.

Cast your minds back to September last year, before Trump was king and I had a shit tattoo of a goat on my inner forearm, take it back to when we spoke to Kenneth Mackenzie, the man behind the 6876, about a new idea he was collating: Modern Studies. We discussed his plans and his vision and, now, just over six months on, it seems he wasn’t lying.

6876 now releases the latest drop in the Modern Studies season one, with tees, a mad good grey sweat, as well as featuring the work of the legendary Scott King. King has designed his own set of tees each depicting a tour from 1972, a time when touring was badly organized and chaotic. With zig-zag graphics across a map of the UK, each trace the tour schedules of Black Sabbath and Roxy Music. Scott believes the images just coldly depict the realities of touring back then.

This drop is set to be followed by the highly-anticipated and much-talked-about-on-Twitter-and-Instagram Storm Jacket in March, before season two that will include more detailed styles in terms of design and construction, as well as track pants, hoods and crew sweats.

Visit www.shop.sixeightsevensix.com for more info and to cop some well good gear. Nice one, mates.

Absolutely well into house plants.

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