Moncler are Proud of their Longue Saison Down

The problem with down jackets is that if they get wet you’re fucked. Therefore, it’s imperative that anyone manufacturing down jackets lines them with something resilient. 

Moncler’s in-house Longue Saison is that. It combines extreme lightness with a high downproof coefficient (essentially: it’s peculiarly insulating for something so light). In addition, it isn’t prone to overheating either, making it suitable in both mild temperatures and extreme cold. The fabric is water repellent, injected with down and cut with the finest French craftsmanship.

This AW21 Etievant jacket is reversible, giving you the option to show off the shiny Longue Saison finish, or take advantage of a muted matte grey. The quilted hood with hiking-inspired drawstrings ticks all the boxes, while the silhouette is typically Moncler.

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