Monitaly SS Pocket Print T-Shirt

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When it comes to making good stuff you can always rely on Monitaly to come up with something special, in fact for me they’ve cornered the market in the ‘stuff I really wish I’d bought that the first rather than waiting til it sold out and then being dead pissed off’ category. Take for example this garment dyed pocket t-shirt they’ve done with their own Native American screen print graphic on it. It’s truly a thing of beauty and thanks to it’s unique washing & dyeing technique it super soft texture means that it also feels as good as it looks. Made in a slightly wider fit there’s also some signature Monitaly details hidden away in this tee such as a blind hem and triangle-shaped stitching at the opening of the chest pocket, and taped neck and shoulder.

Buy one from Triads now here or don’t come running to me when they’re sold out and you really want one..


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