Montbell at Outsiders Store

There’s a lot to admire about Montbell. They started making sleeping bags and have expanded to include all sorts of other accessories and coats, which means that they’ve grown and learnt in an honest way. They stick to a fundamental Japanese principle of ‘ki no bi,’ which loosely suggests that function is beautiful. They also don’t even market their Japaneseness. So many brands these days try to cat Japanese style by appropriating Japanese influences or loosely basing their brand around an idolisation of Japanese culture. No one even realises that Montbell is Japanese!

Anyway, Outsiders Store has just reupped their stock of Montbell bits, which has grown to include parkas, rain jackets and a variety of down jackets. The latter is exactly what you want from a company with almost 50 years of experience making sleeping bags. 

See the excellent shoot below and shop the pieces at Outsiders Store.

Montbell at Outsiders Store. 

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