Nanamica Cruiser in Yellow and Beige

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It is said we mellow with age and wear yellow and beige. Not sure who says it, apart from me just then. But it rhymes so it must be true. We do mellow with age don’t we? And how better to express that than through gorgeous spring hues that stink of banoffee pie?

Nanamica are pretty well established now. They make nice coats. Jackets, too. This is your classic Spring/Summer smother, it looks comprehensive enough to ensure you’re not cooled too much by any wind whipping up, yet on those hazy, lazy days you’re not going to melt. This is chiefly due to a vented yoke, which sounds like a nice way to cook your eggs doesn’t it?

Anyway, Wellgosh know their onions and in this case, their eggs and their banoffee pies. And now I’m hungry.

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I had pizza for tea.

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