Nanga at Oi Polloi

You can always rely on Oi Polloi to introduce something exciting. While we’ve covered little bits and bobs from Nanga before, such as this belay parka, an expanded range at Oi Polloi is something to shout about.

Nanga are renowned in the outdoor world for their use of down in coats, puffers, sleeping bags and the like. They were one of the first brands to incorporate a down recycling system into their supply chain and have consistently pursued ways to boost down’s water repellency. 

However, in the new range at Oi Polloi there’s no down to be seen; just a solid range of parkas with matching over pants. Carrying their outdoor enthusiasm forward, Nanga’s selection comes with more technical details than you can shake a trekking pole at. The entire range is made of ‘Takibi’ flame-resistant material. The pants are equipped with hidden slashed zip pockets, while the jacket has a relentless amount of visible and invisible pockets with mesh, velcro, studs and welt. There’s even an ‘anorak’ variation on the parka with slightly less pockets, but just as much detail. 

Together, the set looks like something you’d wear on a desert expedition, and that’s meant in a very complimentary way.

Check it out over at Oi Polloi.

Nanga at Oi Polloi.

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