Napapijri Noto Bermuda Shorts

Bermuda shorts were popularised by British soldiers stationed in Bermuda during World War I. The legend goes that a tea shop owner, several years before, trimmed and hemmed suit pants so that his employees could be comfortable whilst retaining proper attire. The trend caught on in a couple of banks, also in Bermuda, who also wanted to look proper. They paired their shorts with long socks and smart shoes.

These Napapijri Bermuda shorts aren’t exactly in the same vein as the original Bermuda shorts, but we reckon they’d look good with some long socks and a pair of loafers – if you wanted to go to work at a bank.

They’re in yellow, though, so you can bring the Bermuda sun with you, and that does count for a lot. A couple good sized pockets completes the look and throws back to the pragmatic origins.

Grab them from Terraces.

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