Neighborhood Lumbers LS Shirt

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If you love wearing American classics that are made in Japan and have a healthy anti-establishment sentiment embedded into them then Neighborhood is the brand for you. At first glance this red and black, cotton lumberjack shirt comes across as a beautifully made garment that has been a (non tree chopping) wardrobe staple for well over 60 years. Though on closer inspection, on the rear of the collar, designer Shinosuke Takizawa has chosen to stitched the legend ‘Fuck Em’. At first it made me laugh, then it made me want to buy one purely so I can sit on public transport all day upsetting conservative types. So whether you’re an enthusiast of Americana or just enjoy antagonising commuters then this super and slightly sweary shirt is the one for you.

Buy a Neighborhood Lumbers LS Shirt from Hanon here.


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