Nemen FW20 Jackets

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Oh look, it’s Nemen, the brand you know exists but don’t see anywhere near enough of. We’re here to change that. In this mad world, we’re inhabiting right now, the light relief comes in the shape of heavy outerwear. Ok, so it’s not that heavy, but you get the idea. Nemen specialise in the dyeing techniques and fabrics made famous by the late, great Massimo Osti, and they’re keeping that particular flame burning by producing everything in Italy.

It’s great to see brands so uncompromising in their commitment to history and heritage without having to drop standards in quality and style. We could dive deeper into the spec of each individual garment but you’re probably like us… not sure what it all means but you know one thing, it adds up to a very, very nice-looking jacket.

To see the full Nemen range, head to their website at

I had pizza for tea.

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